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Below is a quick summary of my life journey…i will be sure to share more in depth details and stories as time goes by.

Also, I will be making a range of videos in which I will be talking about life, sharing my music, philosophy, travel experience and recommendations plus much more…


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Martial Arts
Here I am at around three years old, already a Bruce Lee wannabe…
I began studying judo at age 6 and karate at age 10. I was a Dan grade and national champion by the age of 15, an international kumite and Kata medalist soon after.
My Early 20s was spent studying kung fu one to one with a master from HK and also I self-studied boxing, Muay Thai and a few other arts.
Here I am as a 14 year old, Jean Claude Van Damme wannabe 🙂
 At 11, I auditioned for the Milky Bar kid and got second place out of 25,000 kids.
 As a consolation prize, they(Nestle) gave me an extra part in the Milky Bar buttons advert and referred me to a few agencies who could help me get more work.
 At 12 years of age, I became a child actor and landed my first major job as lead role alongside Aled Jones in ‘How Green Was My Valley’ as ‘Young Huw’. Later followed many TV appearances in local soaps, national adverts, international modelling and also voice over work throughout my late teens.
 After going away to perform at the Royal theatre with Aled and the other professional actors at the age of 12, I didn’t really feel I could fit in back in school in Wales, and I spent most days in the central city library, where I could study the subjects I was really interested in such as the mind, spirituality and the universe…while other children were studying the school syllabus, I was reading books about thinking tools, psychology, metaphysics, human potential, various meditations, the occult and anything else I was interested in…it was a big beautiful library and if there were any books I was interested in that weren’t in stock, they usually would order them and have them for me within two weeks…Bliss.
Fast forward to my early 20’s, I managed to land a position in a 70’s tribute band and did a UK-wide theatre tour with Sister Sledge as a backing dancer and vocalist in the supporting tour band.
 We also supported Imagination(Lee John) and Earth, Wind & Fire.
After our lead singer tragically passed in a swimming pool accident in the US, I fell out with my then manager and jumped out of the music industry to persue one of my other passions – travel.
So, in my early to mid 20’s, I began traveling the world and apart from a few years back in my homeland of the UK, I haven’t stopped since.
I’ve lived on many islands throughout Greece and the Med, Spain, the Cayman Islands, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, India, Indonesia, Japan, HK, China and Panama….I’ve passed through so many more places just on hols – I’m currently writing this from an apartment in Keelung, Taiwan.
I’ve had my  fair share of fun, adventure and also sickness on my travles.
I caught dissintry and multiple food bugs when in Goa(dropped from 12 stone to 7 and a half stone in 5 weeks), caught dengue and typhoid at the same time in Bali, got bitten by a Brown Recluse in the jungle of of South West Panama and shortly after had a brick wall fall on my head in Panama too…
More recently I was diagnosed as having some weird inflammatory response around my eyes which seems to be calming down now as I monitor and take better care of myself and my diet…I have seen many Western specialists and most are wa*kers who want to scrape bits of my eyes and scare me…so I prefer to leave their medications which could inflict blindness on me as a side effect and heal myself while enjoying my journey as I go.
 Dispite these trials and tribulations, I have more zest for life than ever, exactly 6 years ago last week, at age 34 I began studying acoustic guitar and voice. I dumped any thought of ever returning to the corporate world – I decided I wanted to become a musician and realign with my true life purpose(Of course, certain people in my life tried to shoot me down for making  this decision). At that point my life had really hit rock bottom. I was frail, shaky and basically a mess. The poison from the bite was circulating around my body and literally just coming out in abscesses the size of golf balls randomly every few weeks.
I managed to get a small place in Cornwall on the south coast of England and that’s where I met the absolute light of my life, Aya an artist from Japan…
Since meeting her,  she has inspired me so much and we have been travelling together ever since.
It’s been over a year and already we have travelled from top to bottom of Japan, all over Taiwan and also spent three winter months living in Gran Canaria…
While we were in Japan together, Aya and her family kindly took me to a natural herbalist who put me on a combination of cleansing and tonifying herbs. At first it was difficult to drink these herbs, but literally after just a few weeks, I began to get stronger. The pain i was having was starting to subside and my body started to recover.
Now 40 years young 🙂 my health is improving every day and my music is feeling good and progressing well too …come back soon to hear some SpiritYouAll music samples. 
Well, thanks for reading part of my life story and join me as I continue living a life that is far beyond ordinary, with a goal of adding a bit of spice to this wonderful world as in turn it helps me understand my soul, just a bit more with each moment.
With thanks and Blessings, Nino….