Hello and welcome Back 🙂

Thanks for following our Adventures around the Globe…currently  in Taiwan and this is our low down from Anping, a small harbour town West of Tainan.

All in all, a good time was had, The weather was nice and warm, averaging around 22 degrees in early March, the people were friendly, helpful and welcoming, Street food was tasty and the market plenty lovely. Have a look 🙂

 Below: A beautiful traditional Temple in Anping 

Below: Be careful. If you cycle on the Pillars, you could fall in the River:

And then there was this cool Monk doing a traditional Chinese, Kung Fu style sort of Dance/Offering. It’s a typical, unpredictably surreal moment, the kind that happens often in Taiwan:


So all was going well in Anping, but then after a week or so, the pollution was starting to kick in and our sensitive little heads were waking up fuzzy in the mornings.

We weren’t feeling so good.

Previously, we thought that because of its location on the coast, Anping would be spared the smoggy pollution that the other major cities in Asia can suffer from.

Sadly, we were wrong.

I read on a forum before heading to Taiwan that Tainan air quality is better than Taijung and other major cities, and if that’s the case, I’m sorry to say that I would not touch them with a barge pole.

I value the air I breathe above most things , for as I have learnt in my martial arts, it is the primary source of Qi.

I awoke one morning at around 6 am to go through a vocal technique session. I drew the curtains and to my absolute shock horror, there was a thick smog engulfing my apartment window…I hoped for a few moments that is was low cloud or something, but when I touched my swolled froat, I knew something was amiss. 

I quickly jumped on Google(not literally) to check the air quality in the vicinity, ah my suspicions were confirmed…the air quality was almost the equivalent to being locked in a garage with a running car(well maybe not that bad, but still):

Ahhh I almost dropped my internet device…my morning was down the pan.

I had woken up early full of the joy of spring, only to be funked up with hurty lung.

Well ‘Enough was enough!” I thought.

And with that I immediately ran up stairs and woke up Aya…”We’re leaving!” I said.

I showed aya the smog through the window and then the pollution  reading for the area…Aya agreed. So we had a..breakfast, packed our things and hit the road Jack.

…Here’s our report and update from the “Fast” train(Taiwan’s equivalent to Japan’s Brett train):


Where do we end up?

How does our quest for fresh, clean air pan out?

Ok thanks for.tuning in and find out in our next post…

Peace and Blessings,