So I’m in the people carrier with my driver…Kadek.

We make small talk and I’m a bit weary of everything as the sun sets and Bali becomes dark. He’s doing alright out of me, he’s already arranged to rent one of his scooters to me for the month.

We arrive in Jimbaran, briefly stopping at a supermarket so I could grab some essentials for my new pad.

At the big house the gates are locked, pitch darkness and not a soul around.

I realised that my phone battery was dead, along with the host’s contacts number. Kadek drove us to a nearby bar where we could chill a bit while I charged  my phone.

So, I enjoyed a nice cold drink, while we dialled up the local contact who was to let us into the property…it took them around two hours before they decided to answer. In the meanwhile I was emailing the actual host, asking how do I get in as her contact was asleep some where.

I had to pay Kadek for a few hours of his time, ferrying me around.

At this point, I was running a bit low on cash after stocking up on crap to get me through the first few days at the new place. I went in to another shop to use my cards but they were declined.

I was wondering what was going on, and then I remembered, I had forgotten to tell my bank that I was traveling.  UK banks freeze your cards if you try to use them outside of EU without informing them…ah fun and games….

So we finally, after what seemed like the longest few hours in history, arrived at the house. The locals let me in and the house was grand, however it was literally built onto a massive old tree which also housed a huge variety of crazy animals, including an iguana that resembled something out of durassic park.

Highlights of the first night included monster bats flying around my balcony, the strangest of noises going on all night and lots of wonderful nocturnal animals coming out of the tree and wandering freely around the house as if it was their own, huge rats included.

I was using a saucepan to boil water for tea, and in the morning I awoke to the Roosters crowing at around 5 am.

Half-sleepwalking to refill the saucepan, a medium sized lizard jumped out of it, forcing an involuntary Homer scream out of me. Shortly after, a ferral kitten goes absolutely nuts in the lounge area and rams a hole in the insect netting covering one of the doors until it’s out of the house and free again…wowsers, Good Morning Bali.

I was so excited to get our exploring this strange new land. Check back tomorrow to hear how my first day was.

Blessings and thanks for reading.

Pak Nino