Hello and Welcome back, or quite simply, Welcome.

So I’ve decided to postpone sharing my memoirs of Bali for a little while. Reason being, I have so much to share about being in Japan at the mo.

And with that, here’s the current low-down:

I’ve been chilling in Fukuoka for the last 7 weeks, after escaping the sheer humidity and wild ways of Taiwan.

As the blog title says, I am so impressed with the Japanese public transport. I feel it must be among the Best in the world. Although I know they have that magnetic train in Shanghai that does like 600 kph, but they also have the air quality of my toilet the day after I’ve eaten a tandoori, so I’m not going there in a hurry, so it doesn’t count.

Anyway, I’ve thrown a little video together showing you what it’s like to travel in style across the Fukuoka Prefecture.

From Hakata to Kokura, we were taken to Hakata in a spanking Toyota Alphard, as our taxi, complete with professional, chauffer-type driver, and then we took the immaculate and crisp Shinkanzen from Hakata to Kokura. 

The trip usually takes around an hour by car or 45 minutes by fast train, but by Shinkanzen, it takes just 15 minutes, amazing.

Check out the little video I made, oh and try not to be jealous of the Japanese  incredible edibles, ahah.

No I am not a bank robber, at least not this lifetime. I’m covering up after a coronectomy, lovely.

Anyways check out the vid and I hope you enjoy it:


On another note, I’m throwing myself into learning the Japanese and am really making good progress. 

A few great apps are really helping me on my way, as well as being in the country with my Japanese Partner too….all good…

So with that, it’s time for me to say Arrigatougozaimasu and Oyasumi Nasai.

Nino San