Hey nice to see you here

Ok, I just wanted to share a quick flashback of one of my exceptional memories from my  time in Bali.

The date was 12th of the 12th of 2012.

Ring any bells?

So yes, on this magical day, I had promised myself to get out in nature and connect with all that is, in a quiet space somewhere in paradise.

However, I was pulled here and there, tending to meetings and clients, whilst grafting as a real estate bozo.

I digress. 

So after spending most of this especially special day tied up with work demands, I was zipping back on my scooter probably to get a bite to eat from a local warung.

I was travelling back from just past Canggu to where my apartment was, Kuta.

So as I’m pulling into Kuta, I glance up to my right and see arguably THE most spectacular sunset ever.

It was literally like the doors to heaven were open and kissing the earth – I knew I didn’t have long as the sun was moving fast. At the point, I was about 3 kilometres inland and had an estimated 20 minutes before sundown.

Suddenly, my ninja bike skills kicked in and I was bobbing and weaving through the traffic like a stuntman on amphetamine sulphate – I had to get to that sunset, I hoped with every fibre of my being  I could make it.

So after some major zipping through the backstreets, I literally throw my bike into a parking space and Sprint onto the beach.

Those Mayans were definitely onto something. This indeed was a special day.

I have witnessed some powerful sunsets in Bali – Most days, they are exceptional and leave communities feeling a collective euphoria as smiles are abundant – BUT this one was more than just a sunset.

This was an illumination!

An Elevation of Vibration!

I could go on, but I think you get the picture


So I kick my busines shoes and socks off and dig my feet into the sand. Stripping to something that resembles a castaway business man.

I connect with the power.

Literally my whole being goes into spontaneous vibration as I felt this most powerfully enlightening gift charge me up as I raise my hands to the sky.

I instantly knew that this was the reason I had come to Bali – Not to become financially rich working in a capitalist regime, but to spiritually enrich my being and share more light with others.

Here’s the picture from this glorious day in 2012, I hope it resonates with you too and that you get at a glimpse or more of the magic I felt.


The Sunset that changed my life

Thank you and blessings.

Pak Nino San